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Across Australia, from bustling capitals to regional centers, we equip businesses and organisations in various industries, including legal, healthcare, communications, professional services, and government, to achieve clear and impactful communication that resonates with every audience.

Industries We Serve

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Translation to English provides accurate and culturally-sensitive translations customised for your industry, ensuring your message resonates effectively in every market. We aim to deliver translations that maintain the original tone, style, and intent.

For translation and interpreting services that cater precisely to your industry needs; Translation to English is here. Our team of professionals excels in multiple languages and understands industry-specific nuances, ensuring accuracy and contextual relevance.

We prioritise client satisfaction, offering responsive support and tailored solutions to help you overcome language barriers and enhance global communication effectively.

Legal Industry

We provide translation services to accurately render legal and regulatory documents. Our aim is to support law firms, corporations, and government agencies. This ensures that all legal proceedings and documents comply with statutory regulations, including those pertaining to corporate governance, litigation, and compliance.

Medical and Health Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of translation services specifically to the needs of the Australian healthcare industry. Our team of highly qualified and experienced translators, many with backgrounds in medical fields, ensures accurate and culturally sensitive translations of a wide range of healthcare documents, including medical reports and prescriptions and many more.

Government Agencies

We offer specialised translation services designed to bridge the gap for government agencies and the public they serve. Our team of NAATI-certified translators are experts in the nuances of government language, ensuring clear and accurate translations of vital documents. From policy documents to accessible public service information and application forms, we guarantee everyone understands the information they need.

Professional Services

At Translation to English, we understand the unique communication needs of the professional services industry. We offer a comprehensive suite of translation services designed to ensure your message resonates with a global audience. This includes translating key documents like proposals, presentations, and marketing materials, all with meticulous attention to industry-specific terminology. By ensuring clear and culturally-sensitive communication.



Translation to English guarantees prompt delivery of translations, ensuring your message reaches its destination quickly. Our team of professional translators is skilled in converting all forms of communication materials, including press releases, advertising copy, multimedia presentations, and corporate documents, into multiple languages. This capability ensures that messages are not only translated, but also actively adapted to resonate effectively with target audiences.

Automobile Production

We offer specialised translation services for this industry. Ensuring that your message reaches every gearhead around the world with accurate translation. We translate technical manuals, marketing materials, and legal documents, keeping your automotive brand on the road to success in any language.

Multimedia and Entertainment

We offer specialised translating a variety of content, including subtitles, dubbing scripts, screenplays, marketing materials, website content, legal documents, and video games for the media and entertainment industry. These services enable companies to reach international audiences effectively by ensuring linguistic accuracy and cultural relevance.

Educational Industry

We provide translations for academic materials, such as course descriptions, textbooks, research papers, and administrative documents, marketing content, and legal documents. We also offer interpreters for events. We employ experienced translators who are not only proficient in their language pairs but also familiar with the specific terminology and requirements of the education industry, empowering non-English speaking students and families with clear communication.

Engineering and Construction

Translation to English specialises in high-quality translations for the engineering industry, focusing on essential documents such as technical drawings, engineering specifications, and comprehensive project proposals. Our translators are well-versed in the vocabulary of engineering, ensuring accuracy that meets industry standards.

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